VBA v VGB and Others Opinion of Mr Advocate General Saggio delivered on 8 July 1999. # Coöperatieve Vereniging De Verenigde Bloemenveilingen Aalsmeer BA (VBA) v Vereniging van Groothandelaren in Bloemkwekerijproducten (VGB), Florimex BV, Inkoop Service Aalsmeer BV and M. Verhaar BV. # Appeal - Competition - Closure of procedure on a complaint in the absence of a response by the complainants within the time-limit notified to them - Compatibility with Article 85(1) of the Treaty of a fee levied on suppliers who have concluded agreements relating to the delivery of floricultural products to undertakings established on the premises of a cooperative auction society - Compatibility with Article 85(1) of the EC Treaty of an exclusive purchase obligation accepted by certain wholesalers reselling such products to retailers in a specific trading area forming part of the same premises - Discrimination - Effect on trade between Member States - Assessment by reference to a body of rules taken as a whole - Lack of appreciable effect. # Case C-266/97 P. TITJUR