Joined Cases C-443/14 and C-444/14: Judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber) of 1 March 2016 (requests for preliminary rulings from the Bundesverwaltungsgericht — Germany) — Kreis Warendorf v Ibrahim Alo (C-443/14) and Amira Osso v Region Hannover (C-444/14) (Reference for a preliminary ruling — Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, signed in Geneva on 28 July 1951 — Articles 23 and 26 — Area of freedom, security and justice — Directive 2011/95/EU — Rules relating to the content of international protection — Subsidiary protection status — Article 29 — Social welfare — Conditions of access — Article 33 — Freedom of movement within the host Member State — Definition — Restriction — Obligation to reside in a particular place — Different treatment — Comparable situations — Balanced distribution of budgetary costs between local authorities — Grounds of migration or integration policy)