TITJUR Hedley Lomas and Others v Commission Judgment of the Court of First Instance (Fourth Chamber) of 9 July 1997. # Hedley Lomas (Ireland) Ltd, Sharpbond Trading Ltd, J. & S.A. Wood (Livestock Exports) Ltd, J. & S.A. Wood, Lesley Dorothy Joan Mills, Live Sheep Traders Ltd, Livestock Sales Transport Ltd, Peter Ziokowski, Brigstock Farms Ltd, K.A. & S.B.M. Feakins and Deaconvale Ltd v Commission of the European Communities. # Agriculture - Common organization of the market in the sheepmeat and goatmeat sector - Variable slaughter premium for sheep - Conditions for reimbursement of clawback - Principle of legal certainty - Principle of protection of legitimate expectations - Principle of proportionality. # Case T-455/93.