Specht TITJUR Joined opinion of Mr Advocate General Bot delivered on 28 November 2013. # Thomas Specht (C-501/12), Jens Schombera (C-502/12), Alexander Wieland (C-503/12), Uwe Schönefeld (C-504/12), Antje Wilke (C-505/12) and Gerd Schini (C-506/12) v Land Berlin and Rena Schmeel (C-540/12) and Ralf Schuster (C-541/12) v Bundesrepublik Deutschland. # References for a preliminary ruling: Verwaltungsgericht Berlin - Germany. # Reference for a preliminary ruling - Social policy - Directive 2000/78/EC - Equal treatment ‘in employment and occupation’ - Articles 2, 3(1)(c) and 6(1) - Direct discrimination on grounds of age - Basic pay for civil servants dependent upon age - Transitional system - Perpetuation of the difference in treatment - Justifications - Right to compensation - Liability of the Member State - Principles of equivalence and of effectiveness. # Joined cases C-501/12 to C-506/12, C-540/12 and C-541/12.