TITJUR Judgment of the Court of 23 September 2003. # Commission of the European Communities v United Kingdom. # Failure of a Member State to fulfil its obligations - Failure to implement, in respect of Gibraltar, Directives 67/548/EEC and 87/18/EEC (concerning dangerous chemical substances); 93/12/EEC (concerning liquid fuels); 79/113/EEC, 84/533/EEC, 84/534/EEC, 84/535/EEC, 84/536/EEC, 84/537/EEC, 84/538/EEC, 86/594/EEC and 86/662/EEC (concerning noise emission); 94/62/EC (concerning packaging waste) and 97/35/EC (concerning the deliberate release into the environment of genetically modified organisms). # Case C-30/01. Commission v United Kingdom