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Case C-662/20 P: Appeal brought on 3 December 2020 by Bankia S.A., Asociación Española de Banca, Unicaja Banco, SA, Liberbank, S.A., Banco de Sabadell, S.A., Banco Gallego S.A., Catalunya Banc, S.A.,, Banco de Santanader, S.A., Santander Investment, S.A., Naviera Séneca, A.I.E. Caixabank, S.A., Industria de Diseño Textil, S.A., Naviera Nebulosa de Omega, A.I.E., Banco Mare Nostrum, S.A., Abanca Corporación Bancaria, S.A., Ibercaja Banco, S.A., Banco Grupo Cajatres, S.A.U., Naviera Bósforo, A.I.E., Joyería Tous, S.A., Corporación Alimentaria Guissona, S.A., Naviera Muriola, A.I.E., Poal Investments XXI, S.L., Poal Investments XXII, S.L., Naviera Cabo Vilaboa C-1658, A.I.E., Naviera Cabo Domaio, C-1659, A.I.E., Caamaño Sistemas Metálicos, S.L., Blumaq, S.A., Grupo Ibérica de Congelados, S.A., RNB, S.L., Inversiones Antaviana, S.L., Banco de Caja España de Inversiones, Salamanca y Soria, S.A.U., Banco de Albacete, S.A., Bodegas Muga, S.L., and Aluminios Cortizo, S.A.U. against the judgment of the General Court (Eighth Chamber, Extended Composition) delivered on 23 September 2020 in Joined Cases T-515/13 RENV and T-719/13 RENV, Kingdom of Spain and Others v Commission
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