Case C-535/19: Judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber) of 15 July 2021 (request for a preliminary ruling from the Augstākā tiesa (Senāts) — Latvia) — A (Reference for a preliminary ruling — Freedom of movement for persons — Citizenship of the Union — Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 — Article 3(1)(a) — Sickness benefits — Concept — Article 4 and Article 11(3)(e) — Directive 2004/38/EC — Article 7(1)(b) — Right of residence for more than three months — Condition of having comprehensive sickness insurance cover — Article 24 — Equal treatment — Economically inactive national of a Member State residing legally in the territory of another Member State — Refusal by the host Member State to affiliate that person to its public sickness insurance system)

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