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Is EU Financial Support Adequately Addressing the Needs of Micro-entrepreneurs?

Special report No 08, 2015

The smallest firms, microenterprises, have difficulties obtaining credit. The EU tries to help with grants and financial instruments — but are they really what the entrepreneurs need? The European Court of Auditors tries to answer the question in this report, available as an e-book.

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EU Data Protection

Modernising EU law on the protection of personal data

This app published by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) allows users to compare the latest proposed texts for the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation. It also includes the latest EDPS recommendations for EU co-legislators to ensure the best possible outcome in the interests of the individual.

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Report on Equality between Women and Men 2014

Are we becoming equal in the EU?

The report gives the figures for last year, but it also presents key EU actions, combining legislation, policy and funding. It describes national and grass-roots projects, in particular the joint efforts made by the EU and its Member States.

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Early Childhood Care

Accessibility and quality of services

Access to early childhood education and care services is an important issue that is gaining greater prominence in the EU. This study presents examples of successful practices aimed at increasing the quality of these services.

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Open Innovation 2.0
Yearbook 2015

Innovation — daring to seek the unexpected

A collection of articles on main innovation topics of 2015. Themes range from European Innovation Ecosystems to examples on how open innovation helps create jobs, stimulate growth and improve the quality of life. ‘Do we have the courage to seek disruptions?’, the authors ask.

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