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The Publications Office of the EU is the official publisher of the public procurement notices above the European thresholds.
It publishes these notices on the TED website. For the legacy standard forms, to publish the notices on TED, the Publications Office used 3 schemas:

  • Reception: TED eSenders XML schema
  • Internal: Schema used internally by the Publications Office
  • Publication: The XML schema that public procurement notices are published in on the TED Website 
XML schema R2.0.9 XML schema R2.0.8

XML schema 2.0.9 was compliant with:

XML schema 2.0.8 was compliant with:

for legacy forms 16, 17, 18 and 19  
The Exchange Specification otherwise known as the ADMIN XSD is the specification of the XML message file used in the TED production workflow
Form labels R2.0.9 (zip) Form labels R2.0.8 (zip)
Form label mappings R2.0.9 (zip) Form label mappings R2.0.8 (zip)
Forms_validation_rules_R2.0.9_010-20210217.xlsx Forms_validation_rules_R2.0.8_004-20210217.xlsx
Forms_validation_rules_R2.0.9_011-20210730.xlsx Forms_validation_rules_R2.0.8_005-20210730.xlsx
PDF form templates R2.0.9 (zip) PDF form templates R2.0.8 (pdf)
NUTS 2021 implementation